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Absurdly Long Stairway : During the raid on the Shinra HQ, the "subtle" approach is to climb up the skyscraper's stairs. Abusive Parents : Hojo and Lucrecia do genetic experiments on their son while he's still in the womb. Said son turns out The Ace : Zack before he died. Action Girl : Tifa and Yuffie. Aerith has her moments as well, though she's usually the White Magician Girl.

Air-Vent Passageway : Used several times. Most prominently in Shinra Tower when the team listens in on a meeting of Shinra's top executives. The Alcatraz : Corel Prison. Doubles as a Shifting Sand Land. All Love Is Unrequited : Let's see Tifa loves Cloud, but if he knows she does, he doesn't show it. Johnny has the hots for Tifa too, and ends up running 7th Heaven in her absence because of it. Cloud loves Aerith, but she's still hung up on Zack, so he never makes it past First Base with her.

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Tseng loves Aerith, but while it was an open secret, he never acted on his feelings. Rude has the hots for Tifa, but every time they encounter one another she either kicks his ass or mouths off to him. Elena loves Tseng, but she's too much of a fangirl to do anything about it. Vincent loved Lucrecia to the point of madness, but she was too busy starfucking Hojo to notice him. Hojo in turn didn't care one wet napkin about Lucrecia. And Shera loved Cid so much she accidentally sabotaged his dream rather than let him go through with it and die they eventually get married after Cid learns her side of the story and he names an airship after her , however.

Always Night Midgar seems to be like this, but it's only because of all the smog and fallout from the Mako reactors, and on the world map, it's clearly daytime outside, but the screen and sky become more grey as you're closer to the city.

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The Cosmo Canyon and Northern Crater areas are also distinct for being set during twilight and at night, respectively. The Midgar Slums are an even more extreme example, with all sunlight being completely blocked off by the plate suspended 50 meters in the air. Junon suffers the same exact problem, since it's built just like Midgar.

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Anatomy Arsenal : Barret's gun arm and Dyne's. When he gets it, you'll want to use him a lot more, since it's his fourth most powerful weapon in the game, and drastically outclasses all the other weapons your characters have, and will continue to do so until over halfway through disc 2. Angry Black Man : Barret. He rotates between this and Scary Black Man.

Angst Coma : Cloud's coma midway through the game may have been caused by Mako poisoning, but it's not until he deals with his amnesia and other psychological disorders that he's cured.

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  3. Raiding Shinra HQ!.

Apathetic Citizens : To the point where one NPC in the Wall Market muses that the destruction of an entire sector of Midgar is annoying because the kickup of dust ruined the soup he was cooking outside. Another one goes as far as to state that maybe they should look up to watch for falling debris more than they should look at the ground for loose change.

The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People : The scene where the party leaves to find a reason for each of themselves why they're saving the planet. Apocalypse How : It's never specified how much damage Meteor will do, but it seems to be anywhere from global-scale mass-extinction to planetary destruction. Apocalypse Wow : The scene of Meteor making its final descent. Arm Cannon : Barret and Dyne. Artifact Alias : Red XIII joins you under his specimen code name from the Shinra research facility where you find him, and party members and the interface continue to use it even after his true name Nanaki is revealed.

Another example: Cait Sith continues to be called such by both the characters and the interface long after he is revealed to be remotely controlled by Reeve , a Shinra employee. As You Know : Cloud occasionally gives plot recaps.

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Justified at least the second time , because you've just brought in new party members who don't know what you've been up to since the beginning. Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence : Spin-off materials reveal Aerith to have done this when she died and entered the Lifestream. Case of the Lifestream and Hoshi wo Meguru Otome depict her as a sort of leader of the spirits within the Lifestream, as well as able to cleanse it and maintain her sense of self within it, while in Advent Children she's able to communicate with and appear to the living to limited degrees.

It is implied she has these abilities due to her Cetra heritage. Sephiroth's technically been "dead" ever since Nibelheim.

But because his spirit lives on in the Lifestream, he's able to act from beyond the grave by shapeshifting Jenova's cells into a new body for himself and mentally influencing those that carry those cells. Backstory for Advent Children establish his three remnants being formed from pure spiritual energy with a need for any Jenova cells, though the three are incomplete copies of him without them. Ascended Extra : Zack. The Atoner Rufus and the Turks, following the end of the game. Vincent Valentine sees himself as this when you first meet him.

Audible Gleam : Bahamut Zero would like you to know you should quickly search for a bunker. Ax-Crazy : Barret's old buddy Dyne, who racks up quite the body count before you battle him. Back from the Dead : Sephiroth in Advent Children. Consistently subverted with Aerith, no matter how much the fans especially the shippers want it to happen.

Raiding Shinra HQ!

And, no, hacking the game to keep her in the party after her death scene doesn't count. Backtracking : This is the only way to get all the items in the North Cave. If you play it right, you can get more than one of some of the items. While the rest of the Turks wear their blue suits clean, pressed, and neat, Reno wears his like he just woke up from a drunken one-night-stand.

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Badass Longcoat : Vincent and Sephiroth, although the latter is a villain. Bare Your Midriff : Tifa and Yuffie. Battle in the Center of the Mind : The final battle. Becoming the Mask : Cait Sith , despite originally being The Mole in the party, ends up bonding with them and sharing their goals. Taken Up to Eleven with the Sister Ray.

Betty and Veronica : Tifa and Aerith zig-zag between the two. Tifa is Ms. Aerith does not look as wild as she is, yet is very flirty with Cloud. BFS : Cloud and Sephiroth each have one. Sephiroth's is a no-dachi. It's not just any no-dachi, it is six feet long in the game. In other words, almost longer than he is tall his canonical height is 6'1". In Crisis Core and Advent Children, the no-dachi gets a downgrade to a much more manageable four feet long as if that makes it better.

BGM Override : Possibly the most well known example of this trope would be the fight with Jenova-LIFE where Aerith's theme keeps playing through the entire scene from the full-motion segment until the disc change. Big Bad : Sephiroth is the definitive main antagonist of the game, but there are a few major antagonists that come close to filling the role. More information can be found on the trope page. Big-Bad Ensemble : Shinra and Sephiroth both want the Promised Land for completely different reasons: the former as a source of limitless power, the latter to become a god.

It's eventually revealed that Professor Hojo had planned on using Sephiroth and Jenova to create a big enough threat that the Omega WEAPON would be activated, with the intent of taking it over and beating his son at his own game. He only succeeded in awakening the lesser WEAPONs before he was killed, although he compromised by allowing Sephiroth to eat his soul and created a digital copy of his consciousness that almost succeeded where he'd failed. Possibly also Cloud to Denzel. Big "NO! Cait Sith calls Barret out on it at one point. Black Best Friend : Barret, specially if you choose him for the tram cut-scene.

Blade on a Stick : Cid. The game says otherwise , but do not "attack while the tail is up" in the first boss battle. The problem here isn't the translation but the phrasing.

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