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Top 10 most experienced TT riders ever. Top 10 TT riders of all time based on wins. The sports bikes look great but when you set off and pin the throttle you're going to look like an idiot as you accelerate away VERY slowly whilst making a ridiculous racket! If I was 17, I'd go for the CBF with its utilitarian looks and move up capacity as soon as my license allowed, fortunately I have a full UK license haha!

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Share This. Want more? Join the conversation! Let us know what you think, just sign up for a free account, leave a comment and get involved! Latest Reviews. One of the Speedfight's main selling points has always been its style and the current version is no different with its sharp and aggressive design, Peugeot have done a great job of holding onto that classic sporty vibe whilst creating a beautiful and striking modern look.

The Lexmoto Venom deserves a place on this list as a surprisingly good budget option from china.

125cc motorbike insurance

Chinese bikes have come a long way and are becoming increasingly competitive in the UK market as their build quality and feel have steadily improved. The Venom has been around for a few years now and the latest euro 4 version is better than ever. For that small cost you get an awful lot of bike, a single cylinder 4 stroke engine with an The Venom handles and performs nicely especially in an urban commute environment.

A decent fuel economy combined with the low cost and insurance rates makes it highly affordable while its excellent street bike styling means that it certainly doesn't look like a budget bike despite the price tag. The Piaggio Medley was first released in , a relative newcomer it was designed to bridge the gap between their Liberty and Beverly models, hence the name Medley.

Upon its arrival the Medley instantly became a major player in the utility scooter market, matching its rivals on features and offering a highly competitive price. Despite the scooter's Vietnamese production, it still retains the Piaggio build quality and Italian sense of style.

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The Medley fits in nicely stylistically among Piaggio's range with its smooth and sophisticated design is very reminiscent of the Liberty but with more curves and angles giving it a slightly more modern look. The Medley's real selling point like any utility scooter is not it's looks however but its economy, boasting an impressive mpg and featuring a 7 litre tank.

On top of this new system the scooter also has all the competitive modern features of its class leaders like LED lights, ABS and even adjustable rear suspension. Another great feature of the Medley is the highly spacious under-seat storage, large enough to fit 2 full-faced helmets plus an additional separate glovebox can be found up front.

The scooter has a very slick and stylish design that's actually reminiscent of its main rival the PCX but who's complaining at having too many good looking bikes on offer? What this means is that the scooter actually changes valve timing at different rev ranges resulting in more torque across the board for a nippier and more responsive ride while still maintaining fuel economy.

All this translates into an attractive package that can give you an edge in a commute with its sportier performance while still fitting into the utility category with generous storage space and effective fuel economy. What's this an eleventh bike in a top ten list? This bike is hot off the presses, only releasing in the last few weeks, as such we don't yet know how it will fare in the UK market especially against stiff competition from the likes of Yamaha's MT The CBR seems quite unique in its class however as it channels the retro style that has become so hugely popular in the last few years, Honda call this a 'neo sports cafe' which sums up the concept pretty well.

As we have seen in larger bikes for a while now, it's a fusion of modern luxuries and aggressive design with a classic retro cafe racer vibe which currently is a somewhat untapped niche in the cc domain. Similar to the other higher budget models on this list the CBR looks and feels like a big bike with styling that exactly matches the and cc models, in fact the actually sports the same upside down forks and frame found on the cc version. This will make it a good option for anyone looking to upgrade to a larger model down the line. The CBR also weighs in at just under kg despite its large size meaning it will be very easy to manoeuvre and feel comfortable in the hands of beginner riders.

It has most of the modern features the top spec bikes in the class have like ABS, LED lights, LCD display USD forks but the power output is just a touch less than the sportier models at 13bhp but with its lighter weight and strong low to mid-range torque it should keep up in performance just fine. What is immediately clear from this list is the sheer variety on offer in today's cc market, pretty much every beginner regardless of their individual preferences and needs should be able to find something to suit.

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This list represents some of the best options currently available, if anything takes your fancy check out the manufacturer's website for more info or find your local bike dealer to find out more. Lexham Insurance is a specialist in two-wheel insurance with highly competitive rates in the cc category so if there is a bike you're interested in whether on this list or not, be sure to get an insurance quote direct, either online or by calling our dedicated UK call centre for the best prices possible.

The views shared are that of the author and are not necessarily that of Lexham Insurance Consultants Ltd. View all products. More manufacturers. Tel: Home Blog Top ten cc bikes for beginners.

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Blog Check out our latest blog posts and follow us! Top ten cc bikes for beginners. Honda CBF The Honda CBF is another best-selling bike in the cc category and its large popularity is achieved through the combination of a very budget friendly entry price and Honda's famous build quality and reliability. Honda PCX The Honda PCX was considered the king of the commuter scooters for a long time and although its status on top has been challenged in recent years by offerings from Yamaha and Piaggio, it remains a fantastic option and a perennial best seller in the UK.

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Peugeot Speedfight 4 Similar to the RS, Peugeot's Speedfight is another fondly remembered classic, having first made its debut more than 20 years ago now. Piaggio Medley The Piaggio Medley was first released in , a relative newcomer it was designed to bridge the gap between their Liberty and Beverly models, hence the name Medley. Cadwell Park Scooter Racing Championships. Random Posts.

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